Hallie Flanagan

By Emily Quartarone Hallie Flanagan (1889-1969) was born to Fred and Louisa Fischer Ferguson on August 27, 1889, in South Dakota. She was not yet four years old when the United States fell into an economic depression.[1] Her father’s search for work moved her family around the Midwest for much of her childhood.[2] Finally, in 1900,…

Cassandra Fedele

  By Juliana Ossa Martinez Cassandra Fedele (1465-1558) Fedele was a renowned Italian scholar. Born in 1465, she was the daughter of Barbara Leoni and Angelo Fedele. Her father was learned in Greek and Latin, and was respected among the aristocracy.[1] He trained his daughter in Greek and Latin, and by the age of twelve…

Williamina Paton Fleming

By Lindsay Smith Williamina Paton (Stevens) Fleming (known often as “Mina”) (1857-1911)  She was born on May 15, 1857, in Dundee, Scotland. Her father, Robert Stevens, carved and gilded picture frames and furniture; he died when his daughter was seven.[1] Around the age of fourteen Fleming became a pupil-teacher, a common practice for bright students…

Modesto Pozzo

Modesta Pozzo – Venezia, Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana   by Koren Whipp Modesto Pozzo -pseudonym Moderata Fonte (1555-92) a Venetian writer and poet.  When both parents died of the plague in 1556, when she was just a year old, Pozzo and her older brother Leonardo were placed in the care of their maternal grandmother and her…

Veronica Franco

  VERONICA FRANCA (1546 – 1591) VENETIAN POETESS AND COURTESAN     INTRODUCTION Narrator: “Seeing … in patriarchal terms is two-dimensional.  ‘Adding women’ to the patriarchal framework makes it three-dimensional.  But only when the third dimension is fully integrated and moves with the whole, only when women’s vision is equal with men’s vision, do we…


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