Helene Schweitzer Bresslau

Helene Schweitzer Bresslau (1879—1957): Albert Schweitzer’s Wife, Colleague, and “Most Loyal Friend” by Patti M. Marxsen From Berlin to Strasbourg Helene Schweitzer Bresslau was born in Berlin in 1879 to a cultivated family of assimilated Jews. She grew up with two brothers, Hermann and Ernst, as well as the younger sister and brothers of her…

Madeleine de Scudéry

  Madeleine de Scudéry, 17th C.   By Penelope Whitworth Madeleine de Scudéry (1607-1701) was the most prolific and successful French serially published novelist of heroic epic plots in her time, read throughout Europe and translated into English, German, Italian, and Arabic. She supported herself through her writing, and her efforts earned a pension from…

Mary Sidney

by Eliana Greenberg Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke (1561-1621) was born in 1561 in Worcestershire, England, to Sir Henry Sidney and Lady Mary Dudley Sidney.  Sir Henry Sidney served as Lord President of the Council in the Marches of Wales from 1559 to 1586, and then as Lord Deputy of Ireland from 1565 to…

Sarra Copia Sullam

By Ruth Palmer Sarra Copia Sullam was born to a prominent Italian Jewish family in Venice around 1592. Her parents were Simon and Ricca Copia, and her sisters were Rachel (Diana) and Esther (Ster). Sarra was educated in the basics of Jewish and Italian culture, and was most likely learned in several languages, including Hebrew, Latin,…

Gaspara Stampa

by Alix Korn Gaspara Stampa was born in Padua in 1523 to her mother Cecelia and father Bartolomeo Stampa, who had been a wealthy jeweler. She had two siblings, Cassandra and Baldassare.  After the death of her father in 1530, the family moved to Venice. Stampa was afforded an excellent education at the hand of Fortunio…


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