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Catherine (Kitty) Clive

By Lindsay Smith Catherine “Kitty” Clive (1711- 85) Born Catherine Raftor in London in 1711.[1] Her father, William Raftor, likely came from a wealthy Irish family that lost its fortune due to its support of King James II before the Glorious Revolution of 1688.[2] Although her father received a commission for serving in the French army…

Anne Oldfield

by Lindsay Smith Anne Oldfield (1683-1730) Oldfield, commonly known as “Nance,” was born to Anne Gourlaw and William Oldfield in Pall-Mall, London, c. 1683.[1] Her father was likely a soldier but he died while she was young, leaving Oldfield and her mother in a difficult financial state.[2] Oldfield labored as a seamstress until around the…

Isabella Andreini

by Koren Whipp Isabella Andreini 1562–1604, born Isabella Canali and also known as Isabella Da Padova, was an Italian actress, poet, musician and playwright.  She was the first European actress to acquire social and cultural respectability and artistic fame.[1]  She was a member of the Compagnia dei Comici Gelosi, an important touring theatre company that performed…


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