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Anne Halkett

By Eliana Greenberg and Koren Whipp  Lady Anne Halkett (née Murray) (c. 1621/2–99) was the daughter of Thomas Murray, tutor to the children of King James I and later Provost of Eton College, and Jane Drummond, governess to the children of King Charles I and his wife Henrietta Maria of France . Her mother was…

Marie-Jeanne Phlippon Roland

    by Gina Luria Walker Marie-Jeanne ‘Manon’ Phlippon Roland 1754-1793 was a martyr of the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. As a girl she was educated in traditional Roman Catholicism but quickly began a rigorous secular self-education. She learned to read at the age of four and devoted herself to Ancient writers, especially…

Antoinette Bourignon

by Veronica Cassidy Antoinette Bourignon (1616-1680) was born January 13th, 1616, to a Flemish family in Lille, France. At a time when established religions did not allow women leaders, Bourignon became one of a number of prominent female theologists – among them, Anna Maria van Schurman, with whom Bourignon exchanged letters. Bourignon claimed variously to…


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