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Elizabeth Lucar

by Eliana Greenberg Elizabeth Lucar (1510-1537) was born in London in 1510.  She was the daughter of Paul Withypoll, who afforded her a liberal education.  She was schooled in needlework, mathematics, music, language (including Latin, Italian, and Spanish) and, most importantly, calligraphy.  She is credited with writing the first English essay on the subject of…

Anna Maria van Schurman

by Koren Whipp Anna Maria van Schurman (1607–1678) Born in Cologne, Germany to father, Frederik van Schurman and mother, Eva von Harf, van Shurman lived most of her life in Utrecht, Holland, where she became renowned for her knowledge of theology, philosophy, medicine, and, at least 14 languages (Dutch, German, French, English, Italian, Latin, Greek,…


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