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Hallie Flanagan

By Emily Quartarone Hallie Flanagan (1889-1969) was born to Fred and Louisa Fischer Ferguson on August 27, 1889, in South Dakota. She was not yet four years old when the United States fell into an economic depression.[1] Her father’s search for work moved her family around the Midwest for much of her childhood.[2] Finally, in 1900,…

Antonia Maury

by Lindsay Smith Antonia Caetana Maury (1866-1952) Maury was born on March 21, 1866, in Cold Springs, New York. Her father, Mytton Maury, was an Episcopal minister and amateur naturalist. Her mother, Virginia (Draper) Maury, was the sister of Henry Draper, the first person to photograph stellar spectra. Antonia Maury was also the granddaughter of…

Annie Jump Cannon

By Lindsay Smith Annie Jump Cannon (1863-1941) Cannon was born in Dover, Delaware on December 11, 1863, to Wilson Cannon, a shipbuilder, and his wife, Mary . Not much is known about Cannon’s early education, but it was her mother who introduced her to her first star constellations and encouraged her curiosity in astronomy. Together, they…

Williamina Paton Fleming

By Lindsay Smith Williamina Paton (Stevens) Fleming (known often as “Mina”) (1857-1911)  She was born on May 15, 1857, in Dundee, Scotland. Her father, Robert Stevens, carved and gilded picture frames and furniture; he died when his daughter was seven.[1] Around the age of fourteen Fleming became a pupil-teacher, a common practice for bright students…

Mercy Otis Warren

    by Koren Whipp Mercy Otis Warren (1728–1814), poet, essayist, historian, and America’s earliest-known female playwright, produced satirical political commentary which influenced public opinion, rallied opposition to British oppression and celebrated rebel victories.  Mercy Otis was born in Barnstable, Massachusetts on September 14, 1728, eldest daughter of Mary Allyne Otis and James Otis Sr.,…


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