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Madame de Maintenon

By Elizabeth Pearce Madame de Maintenon (France 1635-1719) Born Françoise d’Aubigné on November 27, 1635 in a building adjacent to the prison of Niort, where her father, Constant d’Aubigné was serving a sentence for various crimes, including rape, murder, and creating and using counterfeit money.[1] Her mother was Jeanne de Cardillac, a “prudent and amiable…

Bianca Capello

By Lindsay Smith, Troy O’Neill, and Piera Carroli Bianca Capello (c. 1548-87) was born to Pellegrina Morosini and Bartolomeo Capello, who were members of the wealthy Capelli nobility in Venice, Italy.[1] Not much is known about her childhood, but by the time she reached adolescence, she was known for her great beauty, with reddish blond…

Margaret Ascham

  by Veronica Cassidy Margaret Ascham (16th C.), née Margaret How, married Roger Ascham  in 1555. In 1570 she arranged the publication of two of his books, A Report and Discourse of the Affaires and State of Germany and The Schole-master, to which she attached an open letter dedicating the book to Sir William Cecil ,…


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