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Catherine of Aragon

By Luz Santodomingo & Samuel Yelton Catherine of Aragon (Spain, 1485-England, 1536) Born December 16, 1485, she was the daughter of Isabella, Queen of Castile, and Ferdinand II of Aragon.[1]  Catherine was the youngest of four daughters. Her sisters were Isabella, Queen of Portugal; Juana, Queen of Castile; and Maria, Queen of Portugal.[2] Compared to the traditional education…

Cassandra Fedele

  By Juliana Ossa Martinez Cassandra Fedele (1465-1558) Fedele was a renowned Italian scholar. Born in 1465, she was the daughter of Barbara Leoni and Angelo Fedele. Her father was learned in Greek and Latin, and was respected among the aristocracy.[1] He trained his daughter in Greek and Latin, and by the age of twelve…

Margaret Beaufort

  By Lindsay Smith Margaret Beaufort (1443[1]-1509) Born in Bedfordshire, England, Beaufort was the daughter of Margaret Beauchamp and John Beaufort, first Duke of Somerset. At her father’s death, possibly a suicide after being accused of treason, she became the heir to his fortune.[2] When Beaufort was six years old she was married to John de…

Juliana of Norwich

By Eliana Greenberg and Koren Whipp Juliana of Norwich c. 1343-c. 1416 The exact dates of the life of Juliana, or Julian, are unknown.[1]  Little is known of her lineage or family history.  She spent most of her life as an anchoret in Norwich, a city in East Anglia, in the modern county of Norfolk. …

Juliana Berners

  by Sam Greenberg Juliana Berners [Bernes, Barnes, Barne] (d. c. 1460) cannot be authoritatively identified.[1] She may have been the prioress of Sopwell nunnery near St Albans in Hertfordshire, England, and the daughter of Sir James Berners of Essex .[2] The Book of St Albans, an early example of vernacular English provincial writing on practical…


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