by Sam Yelton Egee (c. 1200 BCE) From the Greek Aegea.[1]  Although traditionally placed by Herodotus and others in the vicinity of the Black Sea, there are variations of the Amazon myth which located the tribe of female warriors in Scythia and in northern Africa.[2] Diodorus Siculus records a story of a warrior queen leading…

Ninon de l’Enclos

by Koren Whipp Ninon de l’Enclos 1620-1705 was a French courtesan and author.  She was born in Paris on 9 January 1623.[1] When l’Enclos was fourteen her father, Henri de Lenclos, deserted the family home due to legal problems.  Her mother, Marie Barbe Abra de Raconis, prostituted the young Ninon to help support them.[2] As a…


by Gina Luria Walker Enheduanna (c. 2300 B.C.) Sumerian princess, cloistered priestess and popular poet, Enheduanna is the first human author for whom we have attribution, and the first Ancient author to write in the first person.[1]  She was appointed by her father, King Sargon, as the head of the main temple at Ur, one…


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